• Bouwjaar: 1963
    • Aanbieder: The Houtkamp Collection

The E-Type Jaguar is rolling art. If you have doubts about that, just remember that Enzo Ferrari, the spiritual father of more masterpieces than any other, called the E-Type “The most beautiful car ever made”. That may be the mother of all endorsements. It was the first car to appear in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

So is it possible to improve upon what some see as perfection?

In 1962, shortly after the introduction of the E-Type, Jaguar management wanted to explore the possibility of building a car in the spirit of the D-Type racer but with elements of the E-Type’s styling and design.

The famous ‘Lightweight’ series of cars produced by Jaguar in the early 60s has passed into legend. Nowadays, entry to the ‘Lightweight E-type club’ has a hefty multi-million-euro price tag.

This car has been extremely nice built and no expense spared and this is an accurate recreation of one of the 12 famous original Lightweights ‘Low Drag Coupé’ that raced at Le Mans, the Nürburgring and Montlhéry.

Under the bonnet lies a 300bhp, 3.8-litre straight six with a dry sump lubrication.

The body is built to the original Low Drag appearance. The original steel-design windscreen surround encased the low drag, raked laminated safety glass from the original pattern.

As one might expect from this no-comprise vehicle, the interior has been finished to the highest standard with trimmed Connolly hide seats.

The result captures the flavour of the period and incorporates various modifications to enhance its performance, safety, comfort, and usability.

This ‘Low Drag’ E-Type is eligible for various prestigious historic race series including the E-Type Challenge, GT & Sports Car, Gentleman Driver (Masters Series) and the Spa 6-Hour race.

No E-type could be described as anything less than beautiful, but dressed in low-drag bodywork the curvaceous design surely hit its zenith.


This specific example is an absolute amazing example (recreation) of the Jaguar E-type Low Drag.

The car is based on a 3.8 Litre Coupe which has left the factory at the 12th of November 1963.

It has been completely restored/built over a 2 year period whereby the entire car has been converted to this amazing Low Drag evocation. 

The car has been made partly with aluminium parts as is with the original Low Drags.


This Jaguar is in an as new condition and has driven only a small amount of kilometers since the total restoration. The car has been extremely nice built which can easily be seen on specific details.

The door fittings are perfect.

The paint is in beautiful and perfect high gloss with a uniform finish and without and flaws in the paint.

There are no scratches or parts which are in need of any attention. The car is exterior condition wise just as new.

The wheels are off-course period correct for the Low Drag and in a wonderful condition. 


The interior is in the same impressive condition as the exterior.  

Racy with beautiful and comfortable leather seats. The car comes with a complete roll cage which is currently partly installed. The rest is coming separate with the car to ensure the usability of the car on the road. 

The dashboard is nicely restored with all meters working properly.

An extra button for the rain light (led lamp in the rear left reflector) has been installed. 

The steering wheel and chrome handles are all period correct and in as new 


The engine compartment is extremely impressive. The correct 3.8 liter engine is in the car and the engine is fitted with the correct dry-sump system.

3 weber carburetors are installed and the total output of the engine is approximately 300 horsepower.

A nice detail is that the car can run very nicely on low revs. Very often these engines have to be kept on 3.000 RPM to let them run nicely but this engine is nicely tuned but still extremely fast.

The car starts easily and responses very direct on the steering. The brakes are very affective and the gearbox works smoothly with good synchromesh in all gears and solid clutch engagement.

Driving this E-Type Low Drag is absolutely amazing and difficult to compare with other cars.