• Aanbieder: Historic Competition Services
    • Bouwjaar: 1970

In 1963 on the Geneva Motor show, the all new W113, Mercedes ‘Pagoda’ 230SL was introduced. Its very sleek and elegant design introduced a complete new Design wind within Mercedes. Beautifully designed by Paul Bracq, Béla Barényi and Friedrich Geiger, the design brought airiness, roominess and elegant timeless lines and was well appreciated by the public.

Production of the Mercedes W113 commenced in June 1963 with the 230sl. Living up to the heritage of its predecessors, the infamous 300sl and the smaller 190sl, was a big task. However, with the uprated 250SL in 1966 and the biggest, 280sl model in 1967, it was a top selling product in the very high end luxury market and lived up to the task extremely well.

The formula seemed to be a great success and the W113 Pagoda has iconic status today.  The Pagoda is one of the most sought after 2-door sports roadsters for Sunday cruises as well for the heavier rally work. The top model, the 280sl, propels you with ease to 200km/h with the 170 horses underneath the bonnet. With an empty weight of 1360kg, the power to weight ratio can be called ‘ very sporty’ and great fun!

The car we offer you for sale is one of those 7.935 280SL units produced in 1970. It has been restored to very high standards and is almost new from top to bottom. It comes with the very desirable hard top, making it a very comfortable ‘winter’ car as well as a wonderful summer convertible cruiser. This example is the nicer European spec model, preserving the elegant lines and front headlight lenses. The white steering wheel, will give you that same high end feeling when you will sit in the new interior listening to the original Becker Mexico radio. The only thing you have to think of, is to put it in Drive. The automatic gearbox will do the rest.

With a lovely summer coming up, you absolutely cannot be without this car. Capable of cruising to the Côte d’Azur or an speedy local rally, this Pagode in absolute stunning colour setting is the one to have.

Please come over and inspect the car. We are convinced that you want to take it home after a test drive.