Speed 8 Classics spectacular new exhibitor at CC&C

On a main road in the Belgian Malle, in the shadow of Antwerp, you’ll find a relatively nondescript building. However, once the doors open from Speed 8 Classics the heart of the enthusiast will beat faster with the sight of the impressive collection. But it is also the warm welcome of owner Koen Heuts that makes this company unique.


Koen has always been a petrol head, when he was a boy he offered to perform totally free work at a nearby dealership in Italian sports cars. That love for Italian cars since been a constant factor. At Speed 8 Classics you will find also many Italian thoroughbreds with Italian niche brands with an American heart as main theme. Think of De Tomaso, Iso and Bizzarrini. The most spectacular car we spotter was the Iso A3C where the “C” stands for “Competizione or Corsa”.


img_4055-1 img_4045

Of this type, 29 examples were built, the first 5 pieces possessed a fiberglass body. It is clearly visible that this particular copy has racing history and, indeed, has the very rare fiberglass body. This A3C is technically fully restored, the fact that they have largely kept the body as it is makes this specimen magic.