The BMW M3 GTS from Premium Classics

The BMW M3 GTS was already a classic when it was announced in a limited edition of only 138 pieces in 2009 in striking Feuerorange. What was different compared to a “normal” M3? The block was increased from 4.0 to 4.4 liters, it went from 420 to 450HP, and other adjustments like: a fully adjustable suspension, a roll cage in exterior color, a redesigned front bumper with lower lip, one to downforce requirement adjustable rear spoiler, more powerful brakes with an M logo on the caliper, additional open sports exhaust system, rear window and rear side windows made of polycarbonate, recaro seats with four point harnesses and a fire extinguisher mounted centrally behind the front seats. The model was partly built on the normal production line in Regensburg after the // M division could complete the GTS.

Premium Classics from Vught has an example for sale with only 2.300km of the first owner. The car is in absolute mint condition. The sound gives the enthusiast goose bumps, so listen!