The Porsche 911 Von Schmidt is a true crowd puller

History Porsche 911

When the Porsche 901 was shown to the public for the first time during the Frankfurt International Motor Show on September 12th, 1963, it immediately stole the hearts of many car fans. The name was soon changed to 911 because Peugot claimed to be the only company allowed to use a name with a “0” in the middle. The “nine-eleven” is without doubt one of the greatest icons of automobile history, and over the past 50 years it has evolved more and more towards perfection, without losing the signature shape of the original 911. It’s probably the combination of a timeless design, raw boxer engine sound, phenomenal driving qualities and the ultimate building quality that makes the 911 so beloved.

The highlights of 50 years Porsche 911 history are subject to personal preferences. However, it is clear that the classic 911 was valued mostly for its modest design, low weight and pure driving qualities. Popular style elements were the classic composition of the dashboard instruments, Pepita upholstery, Fuchs rims, the characteristic nose with round headlights and the voluptuous broad hips of the Turbo’s. The 964 and 993 are also seen as the last “real” 911 because of the musical sound of the air-cooled boxer at the rear, combined with modern technique and driving qualities. If you’re in the market to buy a Porsche 911, it’s difficult to choose a model that offers everything, except if you have such a large budget that you can start a collection.


Restomod companies have recently taken over the market: they have started to build a 911 ‘à la carte’, starting from a donor car, usually a 964 or a 993. That offers the possibility of combining all desired elements of the 911’s evolution to obtain the ultimate end result. This also suits the 911’s reputation: for many fans it is totally acceptable to modify your car at will. The American Magnus Walker epitomises this movement in the Outlaw scene.

Schmidt Oss

Frank Schmidt, from the Dutch city Oss, is a renowned Porsche specialist who goes for nothing else than perfection. A visit to his workplace confirms this image: your Porsche is in expert hands here. No matter if you need maintenance, a reparation or a complete restoration of your Porsche, if you go to Oss, you’ve come to the right shop. Recently, they have managed to bring all knowhow and experience together in the Von Schmidt, an incredible 911 that can be constructed according to the customer and that is an homage to all the amazing things the 911 has given the world over the past decades.

Porsche 911 Von Schmidt

This Porsche 911 Von Schmidt has been completely reconstructed by Porsche specialist Schmidt Oss. A Porsche 964 Carrera 2 was used as donor car because of its low suspension, power steering, better air conditioning and ABS. After a long search, a suitable model was found and the thousands of hours of labour could start.


While building the Von Schmidt, perfect proportions and construction quality were strived for. For example, the light and very rigid carbon has been used for the broad body panels instead of steel or polyester. The result is astonishing, and also the fits between the bumpers and the skirts and the body are perfect.
The chosen materials and colour scheme are clearly an homage to 50 years Porsche 911, with the black and white chequered Pepita upholstery and the Geisirgrau lacquer, just like the 50-year anniversary model Porsche designed itself based on the 911. The Von Schmidt is the perfect mix of 50 years of Porsche 911.


Porsche-911-Von-Schmidt-001-03-e1474223675365 Porsche-911-Von-Schmidt-001-16-e1474223929705


All worn-out car parts were replaced and the 3.6 engine was upgraded to 3.8 by building in the pistons and cylinders of a 993 RS. The engine can breathe more easily after an adjustment of the mass flow meter. A stainless steel exhaust pipe was mounted with a double 100 cell converter that finishes elegantly in two pipes in the middle of the rear. The chassis has been revised and upgraded completely. Upgrades include soft polyeruthane bushings, adjustable Bilsteins around that and camber plates in the front. Brake power is supplied by the drilled brake discs of a 964 Carrera 4 with red brake callipers and steel brake pipes. The result is a sharply driving car that accelerates effortlessly and is capable of impressive speeds with its 300 hp engine.

Other modifications:
• Carbon reconstruction to an F-type look
• Carbon fibre for the rear bumper
• Aluminium boot lid
• Set of Bilstein coil springs
• Revised 3.6 engine upgraded to 3.8 liter (993 rs Mahler pistons/
• RVS exhaust system, double 100 cell converter
• Changed air scoop LM220 (Cartronic) limited edition
• Aluminium tank with central filler cap
• Adjusted oil tank (filling through right rear fender)
• Revised G50 gearbox
• 11j and 9j Fuchs replica rims (Fikse Wheels)
• Full leather custom interior with alcantara rooftop
• Rennline pedals
• Momo Prototipo steering wheel
• Becker Mexico retro
• Griesieger-grau metallic lacquer
• Drilled brake discs/red brake calipers/steel brake pipes
• Revised wheelbos
• Revised gearbox

The Von Schmidt is the perfect blend of ingredients which makes it a bestseller, in short time Schmidt Oss now is building the Von Schmidt # 003, cars that are built entirely to customer requirements and therefore each one is unique.

The # 003 will be a real crowd puller at the fair at Capital Cars & Classics and we are proud to welcome Frank Schmidt in Amsterdam on the 18th and 19th of March!