The Talbot Lago T26C by Historic Competition Services

Het Belgian company Historic Competition Services was formed to cater mainly for those who want to use their cars for what they were intended, ie. “Driving”   be that to and from the golf club or rallying and racing round the world, we are here to help you achieve your goals. The staff at HCS have many years experience in the restoration, renovation, recreation and preparation of some of the the world’s most exotic  and specialist vehicles.  From helicopter engines (Not good if that to stops working in midflight) to race winning pre war grand prix cars and endurance rally cars, and just about everything in between.

In their showroom annex workshop we spotted this Talbot-Lago T26C, a model which in 1948 made his debut in the Monaco Grand Prix with a 280hp strong straight six-cylinder under the hood. Soon, this blue monster will come into action during the Goodwood members meeting in late March. We can’t wait for the moment Historic Competition Services arrives at CC&C during the day of set up coming April 22nd!

Historic Competition Services 02

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