Louwman Exclusive is gracing the show floor again at CC&C

You’re invited is the slogan of Louwman Exclusive and we are pleased that director Arjen van Beek and his team once again are coming to our event. Thus the dealer of exclusive brands seems to be a regular feature on the show floor of Capital Cars & Classics.

Louwman Exclusive is part of the Louwman Group, a celebrity in the Dutch automotive industry with a history dating back more then 90 years ago. However, it is likely the architectural masterpiece that seems completely merged into the noise barrier along the busy A2 highway where most people are recognizing this dealer of exclusive brands. The range of automotive delights is also impressive with the brands Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati, Morgan, McLaren and Rolls Royce as a recurring theme. The collection varies from the newest models to iconic classics.

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The passion for special cars runs deep in the DNA of the Louwman Exclusive team. An exclusive car purchase with them is therefore no transaction but a true experience. It is that experience that fits perfectly with the best and most exclusive automotive event in the Netherlands. You’re invited on 18 and 19 March a.s. in Amsterdam!