Ferrari 275 GTB Lightweight

On our Facebook page we recently held a poll to determine which car from the Museum Louwman you would like to see on the next edition of Capital Cars & Classics. It was the Ferrari 275 GTB Lightweight which was elected by a large majority.

The Ferrari 275 GTB was first shown to the public in Paris in 1964. The type designation of early Ferrari is traditionally based on the content per cylinder. Each cylinder of the 3.3-liter twelve-cylinder Ferrari 275 GTB has therefore 275 cm3 content. Top speed is an impressive 260 km / h.

The 275 GTB from Louwman is a very rare version with a lightweight aluminum body and Dutch history. The dark red Ferrari was deliverde new in 1965 by Garage Francorchamps in Belgium to Ferrari dealer Miller in Amersfoort. That fact the car is completely original, was bought from the first owner and still has the first paint makes this specimen very desirable. The counter indicates only 50.000km and the 275 GTB is still in its original condition!


By many this Ferrari is considered one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever built. Given the overwhelming majority in the poll for this car, we therefore assume that the Ferrari 275 GTB Lightweight is really present on the next edition of Capital Cars & Classics on the 18th and 19th of March 2017.